Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ALL THAT Apparel?
ALL THAT was created by moi, Jody White. I am a wife and mother of three. I started this business making leather earrings out of the spare room in our home in San Diego California. I slowly built up to designing and manufacturing women’s apparel. Recently I expanded into juniors and even made one  mens item. (Which my husband is thankful for, I think.)

I often refer to “we” when in fact this business is a one-woman show. However, I think it’s important to credit the support that I receive on the daily from my family, friends and community which is why I prefer to say “we”.

Where does ALL THAT manufacture?
I believe there are multiple layers to every individual personality. Some days I’m “all that jazz” and some days I’m “all that and a bag of chips”. It made sense to me to shorten both those phrases because “ALL THAT” encompasses everything already. I want this to be the place that you come to look for everything.  

Where is ALL THAT located?
Currently, I run this business out of my home in sunny San Diego. 

Where does ALL THAT manufacture?
We manufacture in South San Diego because I feel it is important to keep our production local. Most factories are out of the country to keep costs down. However, we do limited runs which allows us to maintain quality control and, more importantly, employ locals. Just as we are a small business, we want to support other small businesses. Keeping our manufacturing local allows us peace of mind knowing our workers are treated and paid fairly. 

What kind of fabrics does ALL THAT manufacture with?
We use all kinds of fabrics because we purchase deadstock fabric. Deadstock is fabric that has already been created by a fashion mill but is no longer wanted and is often disregarded in landfills. We source deadstock fabric with the sole purpose of not allowing it to go to waste. When shopping for fabric, we never know what we will find which is part of the fun. 

Why is ALL THAT considered sustainable?
By using deadstock fabric and not creating my own, I am reducing environmental impact. The fashion industry plays a large role in the impact on the environment. The amount of water used to dye material is astonishing. Purchasing these fabrics and saving them from a landfill is essentially repurposing which is sustainable. 

Each earring I make with my own hands from leather scraps. All of these scraps would be discarded otherwise, yet they are still useful. So again, reimagining is sustainable because I am intentionally using items already created. 

How do I make a return?
If an item is UNWORN, simply email me and I will provide a return label. Once the item is received, I will issue you a return in the same way the payment was made or, if you prefer, I can issue you a store credit to use at a later time. 

How is the sizing and fit?
The sizes are true to regular fit. I have not created my own sizing and if anything I am generous in fit because I want everyone to be comfortable. If you would like any more specifics in inches please contact me and I will provide them.

How do I inquire about carrying ALL THAT in my store?
We LOVE partnerships and LOVE to be in stores that are in line with our philosophies.! Simply email us as and we will email you our wholesale sheet.

How do I host an ALL THAT event?
We are so grateful that our customers want to spread the word to their near and dear. Email to enquire about hosting a pop-up event. Please provide the location, date range, and products of interest. 

How do I get ALL THAT to an event I am hosting?
We love meeting new people and are always open to joining other vendors. Simply email the location, date range and products of interest. 

How does ALL THAT give back?
We give to local organizations that we know are truly making an impact in our community. We want to support marginalized communities to bring more equity to all. 

What charities/non-profits are ALL THAT tied with? 
Throughout the last few years, we have supported the Community Resource Center, TransFamily Services, Encinitas Education Foundation and Encinitas4Equality

Want to get your charity involved with our give back program? Here is how.